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Who we are:

Integrated Community Health Services Centres (ICHSCs) specializing in Sleep Diagnostic Services

  Over 70 ICHSC Sleep Labs in Ontario

  Over 30 Hospital Labs in Ontario


What are sleep disorders?


Increased Mortality Rates


Decreased Life Expectancy


  Sleep apnea


  Hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness)

  Restless legs

  Periodic leg movements

  And Many more!


Sleep and the Importance to Health Outcomes

  Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart failure, Stroke, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

  Growing evidence of impact of sleep disorders on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

  Increased illness intrusiveness, hospitalization, work related and road traffic accidents

  Decreased productivity and quality of life


What is Sleep Medicine?

  Patient focused model on

  Diagnosing a patientís sleep disorder issues.

  Consultation and Treatment Plan from a Sleep Medicine Physician.

  Sleep Studies

  Diagnostic (What is really happening during sleep the night?)

  Treatment (Is it effective?Is it worth it?)

  What kind of Disorder does a patient really have?

  Solve the right issue.

  Is the treatment working and delivering value to the patient and the taxpayer?

  Determine what is the right test for the right patient?

  Allocate the right resources and priority for the patient.

  Evidence based diagnosis and treatment for improved patient outcomes


Choosing the Right Study

  Level 1 Sleep Study

  Specific Sleep Study ordered by a Sleep Doc.

  Trained Sleep Technologist ensures data collection is accurate and conducted safely.

  24 channel worth of readings we take over a 7-8 hours period.

  Typical Lab has a 3-6-9 configuration.

  >98% Data accuracy and completion rate.

  Level 2 Sleep Study

  Specific Sleep Study ordered by a Sleep Doc.

  Patient Self applies.

  7-12 channels worth of readings

  <80% Data accuracy and completion rate.

  Level 3 Sleep Study

  3 channels worth of information (Heart Rate, Oxygen, Nasal Airflow/ Pressure)

  <90% data accuracy and completion rate.

  Simple tool to rule out simple respiratory events (OSA).


Issues and Opportunities

  Patient Care Focused Service

  New fellowship programs for specialists and for technologists.

  Current infrastructure provides best balance of care and outcomes.

  Focus on sleep reduces healthcare costs.

  Sleep Lab Operating Costs

  Funding for Sleep Studies have not kept up with inflation.

  Additional QA Costs absorbed and more to come from Accreditation Canada.

  Technology implementation

  Self-funded capital investment, greater than $1M per average lab.

  Match and keep up with CPSO Standards

  Value for Taxpayer Money

  Total cost of care strongly tied to ADP funding of CPAP.

  Current model best in class for value-based healthcare.


Contact us at

Kostas Tsambourlianos, CEO of MedSleep Inc.

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Dr. Sat Sharma, CEO of Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology

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